The Book of Uncomfortable Truths: A Guide to Navigating the Modern World and Forging Your Own Destiny

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The Book of Uncomfortable Truths: A Guide to Navigating the Modern World and Forging Your Own Destiny

Bill Masur
10 ratings

Western civilization is at a turning point

 Everything that led to its prosperity and abundance is under threat. Modern westerners have benefitted from the blood and toil of their ancestors, but appear so blinded that they might revert back into darkness. If we are to avoid such a crisis, we have to come to terms with certain truths.

Many times it’s said the successful person has very little understanding of what actually led to their success. The same can be said of western civilization. The concepts, ideas, and principles which led to the industrial revolution and the modern world we have today are not properly understood by the mass of society.

That's where my book comes in.  The Book Uncomfortable Truths will help you properly see the world for what it is and then learn how to thrive in it.

What Others Are Saying

"I'm really impressed with @futureinmindd and his Book of Uncomfortable Truths....It's very powerful"

- Ed Latimore @edlatimore

"In this book, Bill applies his mindset to the dilemmas of today’s society, while imparting his wisdom through giving the best reasoning and advice possible. He tackles the questions concerning the nature of mankind, government, technology, and the winds of political change, among others. 

He doesn’t look to leave any stone unturned, and wants to make sure you get the right answer.

Even as Bill attempts to dismantle the rights and wrongs of our current affairs, he does so with the notion of a positive outcome; that whatever the situation or case may be, you can overcome and conquer, if you don’t give up."

- Bobby Dino @RealBobbyDino

"Bill's book has some great and original thinking, very much in tune with my outlook.  You really should get his new book."

- Dennis Mangan @mangan150

"This book is badass. Very cool to see Bill's thoughts distilled into long form and seeing a window into his thought process. The Book of Uncomfortable Truths is not for the faint of heart. It attempts to answer our times most permeating questions; Bill tells you what you should know and why you should care."

- Carlos Del Valle @carlosdeIvalle

"I started reading this book on Thursday, and didn’t stop until I was half way through. Great piece of work by Bill.  I highly recommend it."

- Johnny Noble @JohnnyNoblebody

"I'm almost done with the book.  It's amazing! I always feel better when I see Mises and Hayek sprinkled in there, means I know the author has actually read real material and dug deep. 

It's like I'm accumulating books for a future son or daughter to read and this would be one of them."

- Viresh Amin

Uncomfortable Truths Covered in the Book

  • War is a racket. Underlying most modern wars is a drive for weapons sales.
  • The Federal Reserve is a legal cartel created for the benefit of the government and financial institutions at the expense of the American people and the world.
  • Modern men are the least masculine men in history. Testosterone and sperm levels are at all time lows.
  • Sports leagues and entertainment are tools to distract you. Bread and circuses.
  • We have access to more information, but lack the wisdom of our ancestors.
  • Religion provides the masses with a moral compass.
  • It’s easier to be an atheist than it is to believe. I never met a joyful or inspired atheist.
  • A side effect of modern technology is everyone suffers from an inability to concentrate.
  • Depression and anxiety are a symptom of too much consumption and too little creation. You were put on this earth to create.
  • Most people are way too hard on themselves. Self love is not self pity.
  • Self control is the root of all virtues which is why modern humans lack virtue.
  • Modern humans lack moral freedom and have corrupted their soul. I don’t make the rules.
  • Public schools are really just prisons for children.
  • A hidden lesson of school is to convince your children that the world exists as it is and they have no power to change it.
  • If you believe your degree, your religion, your job makes you a better person than other people. You are an asshole.
  • Porn makes men weaker.
  • Alcohol is the greatest killer of courage for men.
  • If you are living for the weekend you are already dead.
  • Selfie Instagram makes women more narcissistic.
  • Healthcare is a not right; what gives you the right to live at the expense of another human being?
  • Watching violent media desensitizes you to violence. That’s why you just stand there and do nothing like a coward. Your ancestors understood the seriousness of violence. You get a dopamine hit.
  • The Drug War created the opioid epidemic.
  • Central banking devalues the morality of the people who live under it. It robs the prudent saver while rewarding the unnecessary risk taker. It creates an entire economy based on the principle of theft.
  • The devil pursues while God has to be pursued.
  • Greatness and genius is available to all of us but we choose to be mediocre.
  • You speak of privilege but you are more privileged than all of your ancestors and you show no gratitude or appreciation for it.
  • The obsession of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Avengers has robbed an entire generation of living heroic lives. They rather watch heroism than live it.
  • What you call “adulting” our ancestors called “blessings”
  • The poorest person is usually wealthy in the most valuable resource, time.
  • You don’t need social skills, you need to build character. One is window dressing and the other is an eternal well.
  • Luck can be created. Build your character until luck becomes your destiny 
  • Men die before women(outside of accidental deaths) because of too much iron in their blood.
  • If you are a man and you are depressed you probably have low testosterone and are being misdiagnosed.
  • A man can only be kind if he is strong. No one respects a weak man.
  • Fuck fake it till you make. Build it till you live it.
  • It’s never been easier to obtain financial freedom regardless of your race, gender, or creed.
  • Your life conditions in the long run are your own fault.
  • Poverty or abundance are the results of habits overtime.
  • The emotion at the core of socialism is envy.
  • Most billionaires have earned it and you’re just a damn hater.
  • There is no utopia. Good and evil will always exist. Humans are flawed therefore all human systems are flawed.
  • We can make the good men less masculine but masculine evil men will always exist. We weaken good men at the detriment of all that is good in the world.
  • The purpose of the news is to make you hate your fellow man by constantly seeing the worst of them and to love politicians and your corporate saviors. Distrust your neighbors but trust Big Brother.

Who Am I?

I’m a 36 year old husband and father.  I help men start their journey on becoming the best version of themselves. This journey started for me last year with the Men of Character Conference which included 40 speakers including Elliott Hulse, James Clear, Ed Latimore, Hunter Drew, Tanner Guzy, Alexander Cortez and many more.  The conference drew over 2,000 attendees and millions of impressions on social media.

When I was a kid who was foolish enough at a young age to believe that I was destined for big things. I was foolish enough at 29 to quit my day job and ended up failing miserably at being an entrepreneur. At 32, I sat in my car wondering whether I was worth anything at all. That experience humbled me and it changed my life because I realized that If I committed to changing my life then nothing could stop me. I kept my dream alive. I remained foolish but I started to put in the damn work. I grew in self respect and confidence. 

Every year my income has increased, I’ve gotten healthier, happier, and grown in the relationships that matter most. Life just continues to get more interesting and exciting. I want to help you do the same.

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